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Mock Interview

60-minute session $138

We offer 60-minute, custom interviews to prepare you for the graduate school of your choice. The session will be hosted for you virtually by a professional in the field “of your choice” to “you wish to enter.”  The first 30 minutes will simulate an actual interview session. The last 30 minutes will be used to provide specific critiques about your performance. You will be provided a summary of the 60-minute session. Feel free to purchase additional sessions to gain more confidence and experience.

Mentoring Sessions

30-minute session $80

Mentoring sessions can be used while deciding on a career path, through graduate school, and into the applying for jobs after graduation.  These sessions give you the opportunity to discuss the topic of your choice with an experienced, professional mentor.  There is no limit to the number of sessions you may book.


  • PA school/ program selection
  • Help with CASPA or supplemental application
  • Transcript review
  • Reapplicant consultation
  • Preparation for PA school
  • Study and testing skills
  • Other (please specify the topic you would like to discuss)

Editing Services

$100 – $138

If your document contains more than 7500 characters, please contact us for pricing.

Submit your documents for editing suggestions and recommendations by one of our professional mentors.  Submission options include but are not limited to application personal statements, supplemental application documents, other application documents, and curriculum vitae. 

$100 0-2500 characters

$120 2501-5000 characters

$138 5001-7500 characters   


Looking for additional resources when applying to graduate school?

Looking for additional resources after you have been accepted to graduate school?

Hourly study planner


$195 – $250

$250 – 1 editing service + 1 mock interview

$195  – 1 editing service + 1 mentoring session

$212  – 1 mock interview + 1 mentoring session              

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